Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Man Behind the Night of Mayhem

Jon is the man about town, and these days, not just in Bermuda, but in New York City as well. With a huge show of new works on the horizon for which he is working like mad, as well as juggling his busy Volcanic Productions business on the side, Jon must have his head spinning. But that is probably just what gives both his art, and his incredibly creative and well organised events their edge - because he is living on the edge.

He is the mastermind behind the epic Fright Night, which will be held this Friday at one of Bermuda's true historic gems, Fort Hamilton. With the dance party up above, and the haunted house running the gauntlet of the underground tunnels, it will be a night to remember. For more information, check out their facebook page and if you don't have your tickets yet, go to or to Jackson School of Dance.

With over a thousand people expected to attend the Friday night party, and several hundred children passing through the Haunted Playground last night and tonight, this is a massive scaled event for Bermuda. Proceeds of the children's event of the last two nights go to the Chewstick Foundation.

These images were shot in the Clown Room of the Haunted House and it really was a sight to be seen - the whole cavern of tunnels and rooms were wildly decorated with creeping crawlies and twisting tentacles that grab and snatch as you slither past. This room was verging on repulsive, and in so being, strangely alluring. Fabulous location for Jon's portraits and he played his part in rock start style.

Of course, one always needs to do a traditional head shot, just in case, but luckily Jon slipped in his delicious look of Mr Suave, with a pinch of mischief. Love it! Thank you Jon, and your team for making the shoot such fun and being game for all my mad ideas - I hope it was worth it.

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