Friday, October 16, 2009

Bermuda Wedding - Elbow Beach - Jodie & Paul

Having originally met at a New Year's Eve party, Paul was quite smitten with Jodie. Paul knew that this Bermudian beauty went for a swim every morning at 6:30am so in order to impress her, he met here at the pool every day. This sweet ritual did the trick and Jodie was suitably swept off her feet, so after three months, when Paul was certain she was irreversibly hooked on all his charms, he stopped going to the pool and now doesn't go to the gym at all! Having said that, he is hugely into kite surfing which I imagine keeps him fit enough to keep up with the likes of Jodie.

Jodie's dress was made by Amsale and she found the gown plus her veil and gorgeous hairpin at Kleinfelds in New York on a trip with her mum, sister and best friend Hannah.

Jodie's hair was done by Michael at Transformations and her make up by Nancy Cabral at Gibbons Company. Aren't her eyelashes just too fabulous - click on the diptych below for a larger image. And of course, she has the most amazing almost aqua eyes.

This is Caitlin, Jodie's little niece, who I shot a few months ago and she was as photogenic this time as she was during the last shoot.

Paul is originally from Manchester but the couple have both lived in Bristol for over five years. The pair are moving up to Liverpool next year as Paul has got his final consultant cardiac surgeon job.

I adore how Paul was craning forward to get a first glimpse of his bride.

About a year before the wedding, Paul and Jodie were on holiday in Bermuda and the couple when to dinner at Sea Breeze. After dinner, the love bugs went for a walk down the beach and that was when Paul proposed. The two when to the Elbow Beach Hotel property again the next day and thought it would be a great place to have their wedding. It was so beautiful, but what sealed the deal was that there were kite surfers peppering the shoreline and Paul thought how fun it would be to have them in the background on the wedding day. His wish came true, for it was windy and there were plenty of kite surfers flying up and down the water and I even did get a few in my shots.

Paul found Jodie's ring at Tiffany's in New York the year before they were married, and his own was found in Bristol.

You will see I was a bit in love with her hairpiece.

Flowers were done by Petals and Nikki of Bermuda Bride was on hand that day for wedding day management.

There was seaweed on the beach brought in from the recent hurricane, but the light was soft and the breeze felt great.

I think this wall is a perfect backdrop given their early courtship at the swimming pool.

Paul's brother and best man, Simon, was married earlier in the year and when Paul was honoured with the job of best man, Paul chose the most embarrassing photographs he could find of his brother and put together a surprise slide show at their reception. So Simon rightly decided to return the kindness at his own brother's wedding with a hilarious series of images from Paul's life and past fashion tragedies to share with the guests who had come from the UK, India, Canada and the US.

After a week of celebrations, from a wine and cheese party, to a catamaran cruise, a happy hour at Newstead to a wahoo dinner after a successful fishing trip, the guests thoroughly enjoyed all the events in Bermuda celebrating the young couples' nuptials.

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