Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nicholls Family

When I met Sarah for the first time, she was so bubbly and warm to me, I was embarrassed that we obviously must have met before and that I hadn't remembered. But this wasn't the case at all - she is just so divinely open and friendly to everyone and makes one feel special from the minute she makes eye contact. When I met Ben, I told him this about his wife, and he lovingly spoke about her, reiterating all I had said. But what he didn't mention was how fabulous he is himself (of course not!) but I soon saw what a gentle and level man he is, and a loving hubby and doting dad too - lucky girls.

Matilda is very good natured and is always keen to please. She loves to take care of the whole family.

Flo is such a cheeky little monkey with a passionate spirit and fiercely loving too.

I love to capture this age in children - when their second set of teeth are coming in. I am a big believer in seven year cycles and how life changes dramatically at each of these stages so this is a beautiful time to freeze - when the child is really leaving babyhood forever and showing glimpses of the people they will become one day.

Paddle, their black lab, is the fifth member of the family and loyal, snuggly and a great companion.

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  1. Sarah and Ben

    These photos are fantastic of you all - it's hard to imagine your life in Bermuda and how quickly time flies. Lovely to see you all so happy. Hope you read this.

    Much love Mary xx


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