Monday, October 5, 2009

Wilcox Girls

Anna and Isabelle were such a joy to photograph. Rarely do I have the opportunity to just shoot the children and it makes such a difference in terms of the type of images I can get in the session. Obviously, in a family session, there are so many more combinations so I have less time to do a variation of poses and settings. But this shoot was purely for the sisters and so we were able to do so many things, and they even had time for a change. I loved that their mother went out and specially and bought these fabulous dresses for the shoot - they were dramatic and dreamy at the same time and although I am usually not keen on clients matching, I think in this particular case, perhaps because they were siblings, I think it worked beautifully.

At only ten years old, Isabelle offers her mother glimpses to the wisdom she holds inside and a wonderful sneak preview of the woman she will one day grow into.

This is Anna who at every age, has always had a sense of naivety and innocence that makes her mother's heart glow to know that she is a part of her.

Both girls have a hint of tom boyishness, but still enough of the girlishness to love to don beautiful and fun dresses - I was grateful for this combination, for it allowed me to capture the serene images that I love, but then we also had some playtime later with spinning, jumping, twirling, leaping and splashing. Adventures and silly escapades are definitely in their repertoire of life.

There had been a wedding on the beach earlier so we gathered some scattered petals from the ceremony site and had our own fun with them.

The Wilcox family have lived in Bermuda for over six years. Although it is the third country in which the girls have lived, it definitely feels like home and they have spent more time on the Island than anywhere else. They are avid swimmers and adore the sea and for now, are along for this wonderful Bermuda ride... for however long it is meant to last.

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