Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nowell Family

The Nowells are leaving Bermuda so they wanted to take back some tangible memories of Bermuda for their children. The kids are at such adorable ages for a time freeze snap shot too - Joshua just on the cusp of becoming a boy from a toddler, and Ethan with enough squidginess to make him still a baby, walking and talking his way into toddlerhood.

Sweet little Ethan had become a bit frightened of the sea in the last couple of weeks, so as we grew closer to the water, the more concerned he became. But he was a great sport and allowed us to re-enact some of the things he had enjoyed at the beach just weeks before. A bit of swinging and we were able to get the beautiful Bermuda water in the background with Ethan.

Joshua on the other hand could not keep away.

My favourite shot of the day.

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