Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daley Family

The Daley family hire me every winter to document the changes in their family, and to memorialise some of the love they share. They always have me come to their home and I love it as I get inspired by different parts of their garden each time and every shoot has been different. We tried to recreate a shot from last year above but the rest were totally different spots.

There are some kids I see that really help me understand the phenomenon of parents eating their young. It is just that they are so cute, how can parents help themselves? Kudos to Nigel and Veronica for controlling the urge thus far, for I have wanted to gobble
up these three for three years running, and they are not even my kids!

I won't even tell you what Veronica was doing to get the kids to laugh this hard, but Elijah, the youngest, was hysterical the way he kept hiding from the entertainment - it was literally too much.

This last one is such a keeper - the sibling tenderness and genuine happiness shared between the three breaks my heart.

Click here for a slideshow of more photos from this year's shoot, as well as links to their sessions from last year, and the year before.

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  1. What a gorgeous family! And those shots of the kids....those are the moments we live for as photographers and as people who love people! Awesome session Sacha! christine


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