Saturday, March 7, 2009

Montarsolo Family

For Robyn Montarsolos's last birthday, she was given a gift certificate for a family portrait session since the family did not have a single photo of all of them together. I think this is such a creative and generous gift and am always so flattered when people choose me to capture a family's memories.

This is at the bar they built in their garden next to a massive poincianna tree - it is the centre of the home and they always have friends over hanging out with the chimnea going in the winter, or an amazing misting system hooked up for the long hot summers - I love the details like the hanging butterflies and fairy lights.

I have known Robyn my whole life. I grew up wearing hand-me-downs from my sister, and these came from Robyn, who had 2 older sisters herself who had already passed the goodies down, so you can imagine what things looked like by the time they reached me! Out of fashion and out of colour. But Robyn decided to buy special outfits, just for the shoot, and the girls looked so great - I love it when all the clothes not only work together, but also show the personalities of the family members.

Trying to lure Titan into the photo to complete the family picture with all the animals.

This dream spot is at the bottom of their garden!

And a cool hill to ride bikes down - such a fun place to grow up.

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