Monday, March 2, 2009

Heather Nova

This shoot was done for the amazing singer / songwriter, Heather Nova, in time for the release of her seventh studio album, The Jasmine Flower. This first photo became the album cover and the rest were shot for press for her Fall 2008 European Tour. She will be performing at Joe's Pub in NYC on 9th March, and it is sold out.

Recorded at home in Bermuda, all on solar power, "The Jasmine Flower" is an album full of her trademark songwriting - deeply emotive and melodically beautiful, the songs are haunting, dark and uplifting all at once.

The production is minimal - just Heather, with her shimmering, soulful vocals and a guitar, with some strings (the popular UK Raven Quartet) appearing on a few tracks.

Heather with her laptop and solar panel she used for the latest recording.

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  1. im a huge fan of heather nova .and you photos of her are superb .great work thank you paul


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