Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elena & Langdon's Wedding

Elena and Landon were married on the Marina Terrace at Elbow Beach. They opted to see each other before the ceremony to do couple shots and family portraits. I love it when couples choose to do this as it allows them to enjoy the rest of the day after the ceremony. That first meeting is often so intensely emotional in the instant when they see each other. Not to mention they can actually speak to each other and kiss, which is tricky during a service.

We then had great light and the luxury of time to do some romantic shots in different locations on the Elbow Beach property.

And watching Langdon's face when he saw Elena walking down the aisle, it was as if he was seeing her for the first time all over again.

It was my first Bahá'í ceremony, and I enjoyed seeing how so many different loved ones spoke rather than the officiant giving a sermon - it was so personal and intimate.

They had been living long distance, so their adorable cake reflected the romance. Thankfully they are at last living together in Spain now.

If you would like to see a slide show of more images, click here (works best in firefox browser).

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  1. Sacha, I loved the pictures! They are amazingly beautiful! You portrayed this magical day so well through your photos :) Thank you so much!!
    Elena & Langdon


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