Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Amanda, Kenyon and Somers

Amanda and Kenyon wanted to captures some photos of Somers again in Bermuda since the last time I photographed her, she was just 2 weeks old. Somers started walking at only 9 months old so the family love to go places where she can run free. They live in the city so that is hard to do there, but this is why they love coming to Bermuda for the warm weather, and fresh air. They chose Cooper's Island for the shoot because it was in Amanda's family prior to the government purchase for the US Base all those years ago. It is such a beautiful spot where Amanda and Kenyon love to take Somers for walks in the mornings with the family dog, Cali. These are some of the most special times they have spent together on this trip to Bermuda - the morning walks when they play on beach and then head for the swings at Clear Water. And since Cooper's Island was also the place that Amanda went walking every day for the last two weeks of her pregnancy, it seemed the perfect spot to capture yet more magical memories.

How darling is the little dress that Somers is wearing with her name embroidered on the bodice. Amanda loved it so much when she saw them in a cute store in Georgia that she bought it in a few colours!

Think this pic above is one of my faves of the whole shoot. I'm sure Amanda and Kenyon won't be blowing it up and framing it, but I think it is just so real. She was very clear in letting us know she did not want to be swung for a photo! Little love bug! This one below is sweet too, and I adore the sunflare!

Love it when clients bring simple props - make an image so fun!

How does that sand taste?

Kenyon and Amanda also love Cooper's Island since they can see St David's Lighthouse from there which holds a special place in their hearts since that is where the couple first became engaged

I'm quite smitten with these last couple shots - I love the tousled damp sandy look of Somers, and also, I did a similar shot of the couple at their day after session after their wedding a couple years ago so it might be fun to frame them close together!

Amanda and Kenyon - thank you for yet another lovely shoot - I have so enjoyed documenting the special moments in your lives and seeing sweet Somers such a big girl now just makes me all glowy inside! I know how lucky you feel being able to come back to Bermuda to see family and have such free holidays so thank you for allowing me to be a part of those memories. xxx

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