Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet Baby Georgia

Georgia came to see me when she was just one week old and brought her mummy, Tracy, her daddy, Richard, and her sweet big sister Bethany. They had a blissful time just snuggling together and I had fun capturing all those perfectly formed and oh so tiny parts of this sweet new baby girl.  Tracy's friends had given her a gift certificate for her baby shower since she had loads of baby girl things already so it was the perfect gift.

Bethany was just getting used to her new role as big sister and was definitely a little unsure of what was expected of her at the shoot. She thought the snuggling up was for the birds when asked to do it on cue, though at home she is the snuggle muffin of the century!

I love these next two photos just because they are so very real. I know how painful it is when the milk comes in and to have a little one lie on your chest in those early weeks is just agony. So poor Tracy's face says it all, as do the faces of the kids - but that is what I do - capture real life!

This divine wine box was given to Tracy and Rich as an anniversary present since five years is represented by wood. Love this box but sadly, the day after the shoot, Tracy reversed the car and by mistake smashed it so this is a testament to how important not only photos are, but also bringing in special and sentimental things into the photos so that no matter what happens, those special memories are preserved.

Darling Beth was keen to have some fun of her own so she had fun playing with the things I have in the garden like the trikes that i keep for shoots and I even loaned her Indigo's princess crown and one of my necklaces that I use for shoot. She lit up with something fun just for her.

These next few are obviously not framers but boy are they funny! Look at Georgia's expression and what she does - hilarious!

We tried for one last traditional family portrait but I think the littles were cooked - but this is real and captures where they were in those moments so I just love this series!

Dearest Tracy and Richard - congratulations on the arrival of lovely Georgia - your daughters are both utterly beautiful and you are truly blessed to have such a happy family. Thank you for allowing me into your lives to capture this special time. Love to you all xxxx

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