Friday, October 14, 2011

Summer Holiday Reunion

These six children have are relatively new friends, even though their parents are bffs! The two families decided to meet in Bermuda fo a fun summer holiday since the island is an easy and beautiful meeting point between their home turfs of London and Boston. So their parents took the opportunity to have the kids photographed while they were getting to know each other and enjoying their time on the beach. 

RJ and Zoe were a dream to photograph. They were such affectionate siblings and immaculately turned out and looked so Bermuda, even though they don't live here!

Zoe was the instigator of the girls' sleep over party and the last to go to sleep every night. So although she looks like an angel, there is a fighting spirit and lots of playful mischief too.

RJ is just turning eight and loved snorkeling and fishing while on the island - again, he may have looked perfect on the day of out shoot, but sounds like he gets into all sorts of messy fun when not in front of the camera.

These four were such little loves! It is always tricky photographing a wide range of ages, and every time you add another person, it adds to the difficulty of even getting one shot where everyone looks good. But they were so happy, and even little Leo who was very suspicious, would slip in a smile now and then.

Sophie was so much older than all the others so may have felt a little left out during the trip had she not made new friends with RJ and Zoe's nanny, Denisse, who joined the trip. She was at that lovely age of still a girl but almost a woman - such an ephemeral time and I love to capture it.

Mas was the team leader and full of fun, mischief and adventure. He was always the first to explore anything new and was constantly creating new opportunities for the others to enjoy themselves.

Savannah was such a sweetheart and found a suitor in RJ during the trip which was darling that they had that connection - their best friend mamas must have been thrilled!

Love bug Leo may have been the youngest, but he took the lion's share of the attention from all the girls and loved every moment. He was not a fan of me hiding behind my camera the whole time but by the end, he had warmed to me.

Max leading the way to more adventures...

They finally saw that the sand really is pink!

Thank you all for such a lovely shoot - the kids were just beautifully behaved (almost eerily so!!) and I loved spending time with all of you. Hope you all get to connect here again soon and I would love to see you all then to see how the kids have all grown and changed. For now, enjoy these memories of your fabulous trip! xxxx

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