Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sam, Jessica & Zoe

Sam was keen to capture some memories of the family while they were visiting the island since they are not all living in Bermuda together just yet. His wife, Jessica, and daughter, Zoe, are still based overseas and so their times together are even more precious. The Botanical Gardens is such a beautiful spot and since Zoe adores trees, flowers and birds, it was the perfect location for the shoot. One of Zoe's favourite things to do in the mornings is to go for a walk in the park and to listen to the birds sing in the trees and watch them eat bugs and worms for breakfast.

Zoe and Jessica love to go to music class together and sing the Hello song. They adore listening to music and dancing together.

Zoe and Sam are both morning people so on their morning walks, Sam always gives Zoe flowers which she just loves.

Cats are Zoe's favourite animal (they just beat out dogs) so she was thrilled when one appeared in the sensory garden. She loves how soft and quiet they are and she adores petting and playing with them.

I was more than a little bit smitten with Zoe's hair - the combination of those darling curls in that heavenly colour just had me swooning the entire shoot.

Thank you all for a lovely shoot - I hope Zoe had the most wonderful second birthday and had loads of fun at her gym class party with all her friends! xxx

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