Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lorraine & Neil

Lorraine and Neil had not had any professional photos taken since their wedding 12 years ago and their family back home have all been begging for an update. I photographed their gorgeous boys a couple of years ago, and also did a Sacha Surprise session for Lorraine's 40th birthday this year. Neil spoiled her with many lovely gifts, including a photo shoot, and also a 20 mile bike ride around Brooklyn, New York. It has been such a great year and Lorraine feels so lucky in life having reached 40 happy, and healthy and with such a great guy and beautiful kids. So the pressure is on for Neil's 40th next year, but for now, they are content with their photos together.

 Lorraine and Neil - you are so blessed to have such a beautiful family and most importantly, a special love that you continue to share after all these years. Always so wonderful to see such a deep connection and even better to get the opportunity to capture it with my camera. Can't wait to do the fun family shoot! xxx

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