Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ben, Michelle, Hayden & Luca

This family is all about creativity and while Michelle and her boys all have a great sense of adventure, Ben prefers a tamer type of fun but nevertheless, gets dragged along for the ride! Ben and Michelle were keen to get some photos done of the family before sweet Hayden went away to school for the first time, and so the rest of them can have loads of photo memories filling the spaces where the loss of Haden's daily presence would be most felt. They decided to do the shoot at Coral Beach since they have spent many happy times all together there and so it seemed like the perfect spot to make some more!

Michelle and Ben are deeply aware that Hayden and Luca are gifts from Heaven since they had to move Heaven and Earth to have them. But these two little miracles are growing into fabulous young men who, although they are incredibly different from each other and have the odd punch up here and there, they are always there for each other.

Hayden is the family's little Mr United Nations. He is a vey kind, loving and sweet-natured soul, whit ha great sense of humour. He has been described as a ray of sunshine by some who have met him. His dream is to become a Marine Biologist and underwater videographer. And at age 11, he has already taken one step towards this dream by passing his PADI certified scuba diver exam. That combined with the fact that he has already written to National Geographic for their job criteria as his ultimate goal would be to work for that publication.

At nine years old, Luca has the face of an angel and is incredibly wise, though also highly spirited. He is an incredibly creative little chap and loves gem stones or constructing out of the most obscure materials. He adores the yin yang symbol and will wear anything that has the sign on it. At the age of six, Luca stated that his "wish was to live on top of a mountain in China for 'peace' like the 'bald man'!" Michelle is not sure if the peace is his own or the world's but either way, it is an endearing and telling image.

17 years ago, Michelle was on her way from London to wrok in the UA when she was offered a contract to work in a law firm here in Bermuda. She thought she would be on the island no more than a year as the idea of living in such a small community for any length of time didn't appeal to her, having been brought up in Australia and appreciating the cast and sweeping landscapes. However, she was completely swept off her feet my Ben whom has since become a decoted and exceptionally patient husband and who is a grounding influence in her life. So the big world girl accepted the very romantic proposal of her island man on the basis he would continue to travel the world with her and would rise to the challenge!

Michelle, Ben, Hayden and Luca - I hope you are all adjusting to this new and exciting stage in your lives - Hayden and Luca in new schools, and Ben and Michelle with a nest only half as full as it always has been. Love to the four of you and may much happiness come from these new beginnings. xxxx

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