Monday, October 10, 2011

Indigo's party - Photo booth

Even though Indigo's real birthday was in the summer, we didn't manage to have her party to celebrate this momentous milestone until yesterday! We had so much fun at Oslo's circus party last year so when I asked Indigo what sort of celebration she wanted, she asked if she could have a circus one too. I was thrilled as it is such a fun theme and was excited to mix it up and do some different things, plus keep some of the big successes on. One new idea was to have a photo booth set up to capture all the costumes and friends. One of the photographers I work with a lot has ordered a photo booth for us to use at events in the future, but it has not arrived yet. Luckily, my friend Becky, who is also a fab photographer, already has one here on the island so we did a trade and she came over to set it up. We thought it would be fun to use my own backdrop fabric and sofa to personalise it, and so glad we did as I went for a sort of vintage circus theme this year and it was perfect for the feel of the day.

The pic above was Oslo and Indigo testing it out before the party - I adore this shot of the two of them and even though I generally a natural light kinda gal, I love the emotion it captures. I think the photo booth is such a fun set up that can really get people to do whacky stuff that they don't usually do when there is a human behind the camera - not sure of the psychology behind it but so glad we had it! Thank you Becky!

We tried to pile as many kids into the pic as possible but at one point, I realised it was slightly more difficult than herding cats so I just snapped it manually a few times and then let them do their own thing and press the button themselves after that.

These ones are some of my favourites. They kept pressing the button but then not being ready at all which was hilarious.

You may recognise Oslo's love, Skyla. She happens to be the daughter of my BFF and these two have been talking marriage since they could first speak which is kinda cute. They get along so well and I just love that there are a few pics of them together at this age, just in case they do end up together. I realise it is incredibly unlikely, but either way, I know they will always have a special closeness and there is something about seeing how strong your history is with someone in photos when you are older that ties the bind even tighter!

This is Zoe, and Skyla's brother Cooper who is a little monkey moo and I could eat him up!

Ben and I were both going to go as clowns this year but we seriously couldn't find anything. I tried on one outfit and Ben said I looked too Vaudeville and the clown trousers I dug up for him kept falling down and we had not wigs. So He went as the ringmaster again and I was supposed to be a fortune teller but my hair thing fell out early and I never found a crystal ball so I just look seriously tacky with my organic green eyeshadow painted all the way up to my brows!

Indigo wore her dance recital costume and was a trapeze artist and Oslo originally was a monkey but decided just at he was getting dressed that he couldn't face wearing the mask I made him so he is just a circus performer.

I was keen to get a pic of all my girl friends who were there so we piled in a few photos before we realised all our heads were cut off and had to reset the angle of the camera for grownups!

This is me with Skyla's mummy, Peta, who has been my closest friend from most of my life and we are so blessed to have kids the same age and be in the same boat to share in this amazing mama bear ride together too. Of course, I had to get one of me with one of my kitties - sadly, Noodle happened to be around and he was much less impressed at being held in this way as things are always on his terms with this cat. Bear would have been relaxed and flopped into me and looked like he loved me but Noodle makes it look like living with me is like life in a torture chamber! He is really snuggly usually - just not when I grab him and flash bright lights in his eyes!

Indigo had the best birthday and one of these nights when I am not too tired, I will stay up late to process the party pics, but these were just so easy to process as the lighting didn't change at all so very very handy and simple to blog about immediately - makes me thing I should change the way I shoot and then the turn around wouldn't be so madly long. But I love the natural look of my regular shoots so think the photo booth will just have to be the odd special occasion! Happy birthday Indigo! xxxx

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