Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oslo's Teacher Assessment

Today Ben and I went in for Oslo's first parent teacher meeting to hear how he has been doing so far this year in his new school. We were utterly thrilled by the glowing report about how keen he is, how bright and how well settled in. They had nothing but rave reviews to the point where it almost seemed a little eerie (given he is our offspring) so Ben finally asked at the end if there was anything at all where he needed to improve. So the teacher glanced over at the cubbies and said that Oslo tended to be a little messy. Ben and I feigned surprise and as we looked over, we instantly guessed which was his as papers, rulers and pencils were all poking out the top and sides of the drawer. His teacher told us they were working on that with him.

So as we left, his class were all heading in and we stopped Oslo in the passageway. I told him how amazing his report had been and how proud we were and how he should feel so proud too. I then told him that the one thing she did tell us was about his messy cubby. He hung his head, for he obviously knew, and indeed seemed ashamed. Ben and I did mock disappointment over that one issue, and then as we said good bye, reminded him how thrilled we were overall and that we were so impressed at what a clever hard working boy he is.

We said our goodbyes and as Ben and I wandered off towards the car, I suddenly heard panting behind me and Oslo caught up to us.

"But Mummy!" he called as he came closer. Then he stopped us and held onto my arm. "But we are messy people!" And with that, he ran off back to his classroom.

What can you say to that?


I wanted to explain to him that I had to wait until I was 35 before I could get help tidying up after myself, and without hard work, you won't ever have that. But he has been working hard and excelling everywhere else so think that line of argument will fail me miserably. Would love suggestions on how to tackle this little issue - clearly I am not leading by example!

And because a photographer's blog post is never complete without photos, here are a couple sort of in keeping with the theme...


  1. Fab post Sachie - I would say that Ben is messier than thou.


  2. Right brianed people don't have to be clean! It will stiffle his creativity!


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