Monday, October 24, 2011

Family of Five

I shoot Sophia, Michael and the kids most years to capture the incredible stages in their lives. From their maternity photos to family portraits, it has always been fun. These photos were taken last year for their Christmas card. I never posted them as I was so rushed at the time, but just love them so much, thought it too sad to not give them their moment to shine on my blog!! It was actually a mini session! They brought the backdrop and set it up, and we carried my sofa into the garden and 15 minutes later, we had captured some dreamy family shots. It was all about the setting and the wardrobe. They are one of those families that if they weren't so darn nice, you'd have to dislike them for being so gorgeous. But they really are too fabulous and fun to deserve anything but love and admiration and I adore all of them! Sophia is so stylish and bohemian and she found the most divine Indian outfits for Vidya and Inana. Michael and Ravi were wearing white when they arrived, and as gorgeous as they looked, it just wasn't going to work with my vision. I put Michael in a pair of Ben's aubergine linen trousers and Ravi in a pair of Oslo's brown ones with the darling waistcoat that has featured in so many of my shoots. And the result is sumptuous - that colour palette is heaven, without the distraction that the bright white would have been, and now all the attention goes straight to where it belongs - on the family!


Thank you all for always allowing me to capture your beautiful family in such imaginative ways, and for being such dear friends. xxx

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