Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Somers

Beautiful baby Somers was born shortly after her daddy, Kenyon, leapt off a plane. Poor Amanda was heavily into labour by the time her beloved hubby landed but she refused to go to the hospital until they were together - she was not going to have this baby without him! By the time they arrived at the hospital, the mama to be was too far along in her labour to receive pain meds. Being a natural birth advocate, I was secretly pleased to hear this, but I am pretty sure Amanda could have done with a wee epidural given the chance. But shortly after arriving, they couple had a beautiful healthy baby girl. And the new parents love being her mummy and daddy more than they ever could have imagined and love every snuggle bug moment they spend with her.

With Amanda being Bermudian, and with Kenyon having a funky name, the new parents were keen to sure their baby girl would not only carry a piece or her heritage with her always, but also have a name that stood out from the crowd. They wanted a name that was different, but had meaning so Somers was the perfect choice. Admiral Sir George Somers was in the navy, as was Kenyon and the admiral found Bermuda during a hurricane and given Somers was born shortly after Hurricane Igor, it all just ties in perfectly.

You may remember this beautiful couple from their wedding last year!! And of course, my sofa!

I think I am in love with this image... or more likely, the babe in the image!

Look at all that heavenly hair!

It is quite important for newborns to sleep during their session, but Somers woke up and was not giving up until she had some milk.


 Amanda and Kenyon - Somers is a little love bug - so happy for you both and indeed, to have been able to document these first days before Kenyon disappeared on a plane again. Hope life is dreamy as can be. xxx

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