Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jack, Matthew and Adam

These three boys were full of spirit and boyishness. I am always impressed with people who have lots of boys as my little one keeps me on my toes more than I ever imagined so the idea of multiple toe keeper on-ers is quite baffling. But Claire is relaxed and easy going and takes all they push her way in stride and as a result, they are confident, individual and full of fun.

Jack is obsessed with Lego and makes the most intricate creations after pouring over the directions. Then he makes his own designs which are much better than the original designs.

Matthew is the free spirit in the family and is individual and head strong, which, being the middle of three boys, is the perfect way to be.

Adam has become obsessed with keeping up with his eldest brother, and with over 4 years between them, it is no small feat. He is a real little man.

The world cup swept the boys up into the world of football and fostered their fascination with the flags. Their Bermudian mama and Irish pap meant those flags were waved at any opportunity.

Adam is a real character and very playful with me, despite my talking to him from behind my camera the entire time. He absolutely loves his parents' bed for he can finally climb on and off it unassisted which is just such a rite of passage with his older brothers.

And this tongue just kept making an appearance so I thought I couldn't not include it in the sneak peeks - my favourite!

Matthew was the master bubble blower in the bath and it made him endlessly happy.

After watching the transformation from a much loved building site, full of trash and dangerous objects, into a beautiful home, with an immaculate empty space inside, void of all but basic furniture, the boys have had to search for more to do that just having the run of the new empty space. The bath in their parents' room has been a source of much entertainment from the beginning as they all fit into it together with lots of space left over. Be it a great hiding spot, or full of bubbles, the boys love that tub more than the big bed or anything else in their new home.

Jack, Matthew and Adam - you three were a hoot. Hope these images capture for you what your childhood is all about. xxx

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