Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One 2 One Workshop - Outdoor Session

Ryan asked me to do a private mentoring session and so we did the theory in the morning, had a practice indoor session and some lunch before heading out for the outdoor part of the day. It actually started to rain during the shoot, and when it wasn't sprinkling, it was heavily overcast so all my tips on finding good light sort of went out the window. Nonetheless, I am sure I bombarded him with enough useful information, for he seemed pretty pleased at the end of the day, as was I with some of the images we were able to capture.

Alexandra Mosher is a personal friend and jewelery designer, not to mention I am in LOVE with her eyes, so thought she would be the perfect model since not only would she be able to jazz up the shoot with some of her fabulous creations, but I could also go nuts with focusing on her gorgeous eyes. Natalia of Bermuda Make Up Studio did such a lovely job on the make up - it was sensual and subtle, yet accentuated Alexandra's deep set eyes beautifully.

Alexandra's boyfriend agreed to be a part of the shoot, and guess what, his name is Alex too! Thank goodness she has never shortened her name or that could be confusing! Ok, it is still confusing! Alex is an Olympic hopeful for the 2012 games where he plans to represent Bermuda in windsurfing.

Alexandra was an unexpectedly great model - she really got into the shoot which made it easy for me to talk to Ryan about all my different settings, why I did certain things, what to look for and how to get the best light in such grey conditions. I brought along my cool weathered trunk which went perfectly with Alexandra's teal coloured dress and just reminded me how fun a simple prop can make a shoot. Hopefully this type of shoot will be inspiration to all my clients to add a little spice, be it accessories, props or quirky clothes, and they just make a shoot not only so much more fun to ease into, but the final result is always so personal and dramatic.

I also brought along these darling little chairs that my Uncle Jerry had made for my sister and me when we were babies. So happy can still use them after all this time! Throw in a top hat for Alex and it feels very Alice in Wonderland with the wide angle lens, no?

So thank you Ryan for giving me another opportunity to do a fun shoot, to Alexandra and Alex for being such fun models, to Natalia for the elegant make up, and to my assistant, Haley, who came that day and was a total star lugging all my props and gear around while I babbled on about what I love.

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