Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kristie & Ken - Bermuda Wedding, The Reefs

Ken and Kristie were engaged in Bermuda in August 09 so it seemed only fitting that the pair tie the knot on the island the following year. Kristie's family have a fabulous beachfront holiday residences at The Reefs so her parents suggested the destination wedding on the island since Bermuda is like a home away from home.

Naz from Inner Sanctum did Kristie's dreamy swept up hair which was perfect for the setting and day.

Her dress was Nicole Miller and I adored its natural crumpled look - no need to worry about not sitting down or getting wrinkled before the ceremony.

Kristie's sweet little niece was intrigued by the brand new lace knickers with "I Do" in Swarovski rinestones. The bride's something old was a blue topaz ring, her borrowed was her sister's diamond bracelet, and her something blue was her topaz with diamond necklace.

Kristie bought some Island Michael Kors Bermuda when she was on holiday here and it has become her signature sent. She adores it, with its notes of hibiscus flower, passion flower and cedarwood.

The bride's flowers were designed by Lisa at Designer Flowers. Her makeup was done by Natalia of Bermuda Makeup Studio.

I just love Kristie's father's face when he first sees his daughter as a bride.

Kristie was such fun to work with, including jumping on the bed at my request!

In the elevator on her way to have a first look with her groom before the ceremony.

Ken was eagerly awaiting Kristie's arrival, over looking the site where they were about to say their vows.

I can see why this couple chose to get married here - what a view - and how lucky is this family to have a holiday home here at the Residence Club of the Reefs?

Kristie's sister, Tracey, is a photographer, which I found hugely stressful. Totally my own self inflicted pressure I put on myself, for Tracey was just lovely, but nonetheless, I suddenly found this self consciousness suddenly appear whenever I was near her and things were not natural and automatic. It was very odd, but I suppose a sign of respect to another in the same industry. I just hope she likes these images as much as I do!

Ken has two gorgeous children who were so cute with their dad and Kristie also said she was so excited at the prospect of not only becoming a wife, but also becoming a big part of their lives too since she utterly adores them as well.

The ceremony site at Caso's Point - just breathtaking.

Kristie and Ken opted to do their group and couple shots before the ceremony so that they could have as much time as possible after the service to enjoy their reception. It is an especially great idea for destination weddings when friends and family have traveled a long way and want to see as much of the couple as possible without losing an hour or more of their company due to formal photos.

Same pics below - just couldn't decide.

I am in love with this next series of images. I do not know if it was because the pair had allowed for plenty of time for couple shots so as a result, we were all more relaxed as they knew there was not the party waiting for them, or if they were just this relaxed all the time, but either way, it worked.

I suppose the fact that they chose Crazy Love by Van Morrison for their first dance because they are crazy in love helped some!

Last summer, Ken and Kristie went horse riding through the dunes of the South shore beaches. When they arrived at Chaplin Bay, their tough guide Craig suggested that the couple take the opportunity to get off their horses and stretch their legs. Kristie didn't think much of this since they had been riding for a while. Next he suggested running their fingers through the famous pink Bermuda sand. He pointed out the pink flecks of coral and while Kristie thought this slightly odd, she nonetheless bent over and picked up the sand. All the while, this strategy to distract her had been planned by Ken and Craig in advance. It gave Ken time to prepare the ring and slip down on one knee. His romantic proposal covered how he loved Kristie more than anything, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and would she marry him. Kristie, caught totally off guard, responded mildly less eloquently and possibly included profanity - she was obviously surprised, but given the fact that these wedding photos are on my blog, the answer was also obvious.

I think this one below may be my favourite bride shot ever taken. I just adore the softness, her feminine body language, the way the line of her dress continues the line at the base of the cliffs and meets in a slight dip in the centre of her back, and how only the shadow is in focus - just delicious.

Here it is again with a different crop and colour treatment - just couldn't choose...

The wedding was intimate, romantic and fun. There were only 23 people in total, most of whom were family. The best part about the wedding for the couple was that it was a wedding celebration, a holiday and honeymoon all wrapped into one - truly incredible for all who participated in the event.

Pastor Smith was the officiant and Andrew Kirkpatrick their videographer.

Kristie's engagement ring had belonged to Ken's mother (so romantic - swoon), and her diamond eternity bad was made by Leslie Greene and found in Trendz, in Stone Harbor, NJ. Ken's band was from Blue Nile.

The signature drink was a Lynchee Martini which is their family spin on the Lychee Martini - too cute.

Dinner was at Coconuts overlooking the beach - just dreamy.

The cake was made by the Reefs and was exactly as the couple had hoped it would be. While on her bachelorette getaway to Miami, Kristie had read an article in a wedding magazine about the most popular cakes of 2010. When she read about the Hummingbird cake, she made up her mind right then and there that she must have that one. It has crushed pineapple, pecans, and mashed bananas in the cake and the frosting is a cream cheese base. It was heavenly and by far the best wedding cake they had ever tasted.

Kristie and Ken - thank you for inviting me to share in your special day. It is so lovely to hear you speak of each other as true soul mates, that you love each other's company, and that the best bit of being married is that you have married your best friends. I wish you all the luck with your beautiful family and may it grow in the years to come! xxx


  1. Sacha, Your pictures are just beautiful! I love your perspective while shooting and the brilliant use of colors are just amazing! Home run girl-see no worries-I would have put the same pressure on myself if the rolls were reversed ;)

    Thank you for everything!

    Tracey (sister of the bride)

  2. These photos are fantastic! What a wonderful album.
    -Friend of the bride


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