Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mangels Family

The Chris and Summer chose to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary with a family holiday to Bermuda. They wanted an island that wasn't too far to reach by plane from Long Island, NY. They absolutely loved the Island which far exceeded their expectations. Both of their parents had honeymooned in Bermuda and told Summer and Chris how beautiful the island is. I had suggested a few beaches to them for the shoot and they went to all of them and fell in love but we settled on Warwick Long Bay.

Chris and Summer loved popping the children in their strollers and exploring the island with all its azure watered beaches and serene beauty. The children fell asleep early at night, exhausted from all the beach, pool and exploration activities. It was perfect, for then Summer and Chris could act like newly weds on honeymoon all over again, enjoying a rum swizzle on their own and celebrating five years of marriage.

I love that even though they were on holiday and traveling everywhere by bus, they managed to pick up some fresh flowers to make their shoot special. I love when clients bring props, accessories or just make their shoot different and special and them.

Keira is a little darling - she is three and full of of wonder and all things girly. Even now that she is back home in the states, she keeps asking if they are going back to a "blue beach today". Talk about blue - look at those eyes!

And this is Christopher Luke who is 10 months old and chocka block full with more personality than I thought possible in a wee one. His smile literally made me laugh out loud. All gums and no eyes - heaven. But of course, when not brimming over with so much glee that his face scrunches up, those baby blues were as amazing as his sister's.

Summer and Chris - congratulations on your anniversary and so happy you had such a great celebration here in Bermuda. Thank you for asking me to document your love and your beautiful family and hope to see you on the next holiday! xx

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