Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Wrath of Hurricane Igor

He is a monster indeed. The hurricane part of the storm is 350 miles across, and over 600 miles across with the tropical storm portion, and it is going to be a direct hit for Bermuda. The storm will pummel us for over 36 hours, with the peak hitting Sunday night, early Monday morning. It is being suggested that it will be the worst storm we have seen due to the length the island will be impacted. It will already be tropical storm force winds tonight, and increasing to hurricane force tomorrow through Monday. When Ben and I moved back to the island seven years ago, we arrived the week after Fabian had hit. Four people were killed, the island looked like there had been a mass forest fire, countless roofs had tarp on them to the point where the island had sold out, and some homes, including that of my sister's, were without power for up to six weeks.


Here is a little video clip from Friday and the storm is back up to saying it will be a Cat 3 when it hits. We have also been obsessively updating this site, as well as watching the water vapour loop over and over again. It is sort of hard not to be obsessed.

We are doing our best to secure everything around here, including a rotten telephone and electricity pole 3 feet from our home. They have put a new pole in, but all the wires are still on the old disintegrating pole and Ben is trying to tie it down in as many places to keep us and our lovely neighbour safe. So even if our neighbourhood gets power restored quickly, if this pole goes, who knows how long our house will be off the circuit as the local electricity company will struggle to restore power island wide first.

And on top of all this, I have caught Indigo's pukey poopy bug and am incapacitated. Even as I write this, I feel like death warmed up, with my head resting on my desk and my bucket close by. But I fear if we loose our electricity for an extended period of time, this will have been my only warning SOS.

So please pray for us and indeed the whole island and let's hope that Igor is kind.

See you on the other side. Stay safe Bermuda.



  1. Poor Sach, figures you would be ill for this! Sounds like you better spend Monday at the hotel. Catch you on the other side. Good luck, TAW

  2. Love your last photo of I-gor. I hope you stay safe. Thinking of all in Bermuda. Found your site because I am trying to decide if we want to spend my 50th at Tucker's in mid-November. Ugh. Decisions, decisions. Hope that murky bug leaves your body soon. Again, stay safe.
    PS Lovely, lovely photographs. You certainly captured the love of the day. And, Elbow beach is a lovely place for a lovely wedding. Cheers.


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