Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sam & Bijan

Sam and Bijan are some of our dear dear friends. We rarely get to see them since they live in the UK, but Sam was the one who introduced Ben and me to each other and then she joined us for a holiday in Venice when she and Bijan had just started dating so we like to take credit for being there from very early on too. And earlier this summer, these two amazing people were married in Sussex and Ben and I made the journey to be there with them to celebrate their special day. We left the children for the first time and although it was stressful, it was also four days of total bliss, both being on our own together, and most importantly, witnessing the love and joy Sam and Bijan share.

Amazingly, I was actually a guest at the wedding so although I took my camera with me to the event, it was so beautiful and fun that I kept forgetting to bring it out. The next day, Sam's parents generously hosted a luncheon so happily, Sam and Bijan dressed up again and I was able to steal the two away from the party for a couple love bug shots around the beautiful grounds at the bride's childhood home.

There is something exciting about shooting in a different location than Bermuda. The foliage, the light, the feel of the settings are always so different and inspire me. They also scare me as I do not always know what the results will be like, but I adored the setting in these gardens.

We walked around to the front of the property where I spotted a weeping willow and I nearly keeled over from excitement. Saying I love weeping willows is an understatement. I absolutely adore them - I love their soft dreamy branches that drip from the tree tops like treacle, and how they sway in the slightest breeze and always grown near water where they reflect so romantically. Of course I asked the newly weds to slip inside the coolness of the tree for some secret stolen moments - something they had not had at all since the wedding festivities began.

Speaking of adoration, Sam's shoes were to die for. Just like Sam, they were full of personality, elegance and individuality, not to mention feminine yet strong. She is all of those things and more. And Bijan is the perfect mad to be by her side for eternity - he is quiet, quirky and brilliantly intelligent - needs to be to keep up with Sam!

We grabbed a quick photo of Sam's family which they had missed out on the night before.

And then Sam and Bijan happily gave up on the picture taking - really not their cup of tea - and joined all their family and friends and I put down the camera and had a great time too.

Sam and Bijan - thank you so much for including us in your amazing wedding - we were so honoured to be there with you and are so incredibly happy for you and all the future may hold - greatness we are sure. xxx

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