Monday, September 27, 2010

Hamil Kids

The Hamil family moved from Bermuda last year, but came for a holiday over the summer. Shelly wanted to commemorate this special time in her children's lives with a fun photo shoot. They are all into drama and dance and so Shelly thought a session up at Dockyard with the kids in their recital and show costumes would be perfect for encapsulating what the three had been doing at this age, in a dramatic setting. The kids had bowled up straight from the beach, with sand and salt still in their hair, and it was a boiling hot day, but they were such great sports and had fun with the shoot. Shelly hoped to get a head shot for each child too to use for future events so hopefully these ones will cut it!

Piper is now 13 and was recently in a dace recital so she brought some costumes and performed some moves from that event.

Lyon is 11 years old and played the lead role playing Nathan Detroit in a production of Guys 'n' Dolls in Colorado.  Loved his suit - so dapper.

 Sloan is 8 and full of cheeky beans - just such a cutie pop and was also in the same Guys 'n' Dolls show so also had such a cute outfit.

Below we were trying to do the theatre logo of sad mask happy mask - these two were perfect.

Shelly had seen my workshop images from our session in Dockyard and that was what inspired her to have her own children captured in the same space. I am so glad we did it there - that space has such soul and really makes the images edgy and whimsical wrapped up into one.

Piper, Lyon and Sloan - thank you all for such a fun shoot - I know you were dying of heat and exhausted by the end, but hopefully it was worth all your hard work. Good luck in all your future performances. xx


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