Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Victoria

 Veronique and William were keen to capture their newborn daughter in her first weeks. Sweet Victoria arrived in this world 9 days late at a healthy 9 pounds. For the first few days of her life, this adorable girl was still unnamed. Her parents had planned on the name Victoria, which was at the top of their list, but then William found his tiny bundle of love too cute and gentle for such a strong name. But this little baby proved her personality strong and spicy after a few days, and Veronique and William realised it was the perfect name for their little love. Her middle name is Linda, in memory or her late grandmother.

I loved loved this sweet little skin tag near her ear. I can't remember the official name, and it will come off either on its own or with a little help, but I think it is so cute and individual - just like Baby Victoria.

Veronique and William - congratulations of your delicious baby girl - she was the perfect model and can't wait to follow her growth through the years. Enjoy this time! xxxx

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  1. As usual I am captivated by your work - true artform and Baby Victoria, Mommy and Daddy look so complete.


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