Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Michal & Gavin

Michal and Gavin are in love. In love with each other, in love with life, and in love with photos. And when I say they love photos, I am not exaggerating. The two are getting married in May and are having three photographers cover their special day. It may sound excessive, but to be frank, when images are important, three is a perfect number to ensure every detail that was months in the planning is captured in a beautiful and sensitive way. I can't wait to be a part of the team to capture through our lenses the love of this beautiful couple on their wedding day.

The pair have been to Bermuda to plan the wedding twice now and both occasions, the weather was not up to scratch. We planned their engagement session on Valentine's Day morning and we had a sliver of patchy sun that allowed us to capture the magic between them before the heavens opened. I met them at the Tucker's Point Hotel, where the wedding will be in a few months, and we wandered around the beautiful hotel and property, finding location after location of charm to use as a backdrop for their photos.

I adore this mirror and although I try to use different places around a property at which I photograph frequently, I always come back to this signature piece. The light isn't even that great under the terrace and the mirror reflects more light into my lens than I would like, but I adore the textures and lines of the giant wall hanging and it always makes for some fun portraits using its reflections.

I adored Michal's necklace. It added such flair to her elegant dress and just made the shoot.

I also like to use this pool to reflect clients, but the early light was a bit harsh so we just did one to show how beautiful it is at the Spa.

Michal - you are beautiful.

This one above sort of looks like a mistake since nothing in the image is tack sharp, but it has a mood about it and as a result, I think it is one of my favourites of the day.

I loved this vine covered wall, but the angle of the sun made it nearly impossible to capture its true beauty. Michal and Gavin look so happy though so I think the shot is still a success.

This one above is another favourite of the day. The wind was howling as a squall was about to blow through so these were our last few moments of sunshine. But I love the wildness of Michal's hair, her beautiful brimming smile and her tight hold on her love.

Love this circular chair in the lobby of the hotel.

After roaming the property and taking some fun shots inside the hotel, I requested we go to Michal and Gavin's room. I think Gavin thought it a slightly odd request, but I tried to convince him that it would make for more tender portraits of them just being them. I don't think Gavin really felt he could be just himself when I had a camera aimed at them, even if they were in the privacy of their own room, but I have to say, as I processed this next series of images, I have to beg to differ.

Love love love this one above - think I adore it most out of all the photos I took that day.

I also brought a couple props just for fun. Since it was Valentine's Day, I had to whip out the hand blown glass hearts. Michal said this was the closest she thought that Gavin had ever come to a heart, but I think it is such a sweet image, I hope Gavin likes it too. And the egg timer is something I picked up at an auction. I don't know what sort of eggs they had in the old days as it takes about 45 minutes for all the sand to go through!! We thought it was fun as an iconic image to show the time passing before the big day arrives in May.

Michal and Gavin - thank you for sharing part of your Valentine's Day with me. We were so lucky with the weather and you two are such a wonderful match. I cannot wait to see you at your wedding in a few months. xxx

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