Saturday, March 13, 2010

Freesia Dreams

So I am doing everything a new pup parent should not, I know. Start as you mean to go on, the saying goes. But so far, he was out of the crate and in our bed on day two, and we still have not left him alone since he leaps out of the pen we bought for him for when we go out. We dare not abandon him loose in the house if we are not there, just in case he decides to gobble up everything, including the cats, simply out of revenge. So as a result, when I go to my lovely yoga class on Friday mornings, I have been persuading friends and family to puppy sit - can you imagine??!!

My father just returned from Colorado (my mum is still there) and so I convinced him that he really needed to meet Cairo and spend some quality time with the newest member of our family! It was a bit of a dash in the morning when I dropped the dog off, but I was awe struck by the freesias on the front lawn of my parents home. So when I collected Cairo just after noon, I decided that Indigo and I could be late for lunch with Ben in order to capture some magic in these glorious flowers.

Here are my faves - hopefully some of you will be inspired, for I would adore to do a properly planned and wardrobified (is that a word?) freesia shoot in the next week or two, before they all disappear for yet another year. They are so transient, it almost makes my heart hurt.

And the smell, oh that smell, is just divine. Wish my camera could capture enamouring scents the way it captures ethereal beauty.

Cairo seemed to think freesias were quite tasty treats, or at least he loved to bury his face in amongst them, probably breathing in that amazing scent.

Hope you get to enjoy some freesias before the season is over - a little moment of heaven if you can.



  1. Lovely! I could not bare to step on them! Delicious photos!

  2. It really does look like a little piece of heaven. I want to smell them!


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