Monday, March 1, 2010

Full Day Workshop - Outdoor session - Rachael

The day before the workshop, one of my models canceled. This should not have been a problem since I had booked Maya for the indoor session, and the three sisters for the garden shoot, but I suddenly had visions that perhaps children might not be ideal models because, well, they are children. Maya is only four (almost five) and Florence is just six, so one can never really expect too much of little ones - it just isn't fair. Plus, I didn't know how many of my workshop attendees had children of their own, and I have to say, I remember being rather disinterested in kids before I had Oslo and Indigo. Suddenly I was worried that an all child cast might be a recipe for disaster.

When everyone first arrived last Sunday morning, I explained my plight of the missing adult model. One of the attendees, whose wedding I had photographed a couple of years ago, suggested his wife may be open to stepping in to be photographed. I was thrilled and asked her to come for the last half hour of the practice garden shoot. I remembered Rachael's incredible eyes from their wedding and knew that photographing her would be the perfect finishing touch to the practical part of the day.

Rachael brought their pup, Reuben, along which made for some fun shots. She is so beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera so I barely needed to pose her at all and once again, like with the session with Maya, I didn't get as many shots as I would have liked so that I could make room for the others.

Couldn't decide between the black and white or colour version of this shot.

Here I was showing how it didn't matter what the backdrop is like if you set a high aperture. Rachael was sitting in front of an ugly thorn bush with barely any leaves but when blurred, it doesn't matter at all - the only thing you notice are her stunning eyes.

Rachael - thank you so much for making the effort to come out to pose for us - you are beautiful and a joy to shoot. I can't wait to see all the images of you that everyone else came up with that day.

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