Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little yipee for i heart faces

I know it is a bit weird to get excited about placing in a competition that does nothing more than say good job. I mean, I haven't been sponsored by Canon, or won a trip to Venice, or even received a cool new camera strap.

But with the guest judge always being a photographer whom I respect, and tons of inspirational entries to check out, there is something about the i heart faces weekly contests that make me happy.

I am especially happy this week as my image of Oslo's and his friends' hands planting a cedar tree came in third place out of almost 900 entries. I have been mentioned before in the top 10 faves, but this week made it into the top 10 winners so I am flattered and thrilled.

They have lots of fun themes coming up so if you are into photography at all, I definitely recommend checking it out and playing along. And it is a great way to discover other photographers whose blogs you can stalk and even learn from.


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