Sunday, March 7, 2010

A lovable pup by any other name is still a lovable pup!

So this poor poor puppy - he has had so many different names since he came into our family. We adore his colour and wanted to call him something that referred to it, but everything we came up with was over used, a bit twee or too girly for our burly boy.

Oddly enough, his litter name was Orange, named after the colour of his collar, and although he is sort of orange, we still were not sold on that name. Many of the other litter pups (there were 11 in total!!) were named after their collar colours too - Blue had beige fur, Purple and Red had orange fur too, and there were black wooly ones which were just too delicious though can't remember their names. I will do a whole post about the two litters another time with maybe some follow up pics of they dogs all grown up in their new homes too.

Our little fuzz puff love ball is such a teddy bear. But since we already have a cat called Bear, who for the moment is still bigger than the dog, we couldn't use that name. We were given so many great suggestions (thank you blog readers!!), and tried tons of them out, but for some reason, not sure why, we kept coming back to one name.

Ben is still not sure about the name he has had for a week or so now, but the kids like it. We were not keen to use a place name again, what with Oslo in the family already (no he was not conceived there - just love the egalitarian policies in Norway and Oslo is such a poetic word!). And with my obsession with "ay" and "oh" sounds, I like it. Not to mention, he is the colour of desert sands and terracotta buildings.

So for the moment, or perhaps forever, we have named our beloved pup Cairo.



  1. He is definitely Cairo and absofreakinlutely adorable!

  2. I like that name! He is a cutie! What lens(es) were the 1st and 2nd photos taken with?

  3. i was going to suggest Umber, but thought it to be a bit clumsy, Cairo is great i love it

  4. Great name!!
    Jen Soares


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