Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loquat Season

It is peak loquat season in Bermuda at the moment and on the drive home last night, the kids counted over 100 trees along the side of the road just bursting with fruits just in a 7 minutes (going 20 miles an hour - yes that is the speed limit in Bermuda, and ok, maybe it was 25 miles an hour as I don't totally follow the speed "millet" as Olso calls it).

Our family adores loquats, especially Oslo, who is the king climber and seems able to fill(ish) a basket faster than the rest of us. I am always so excited about the loquat jam that the kids will help Ben make. But for some reason, we still have never made this famous loquat jam. So many hurdles come in our path, from dropping the fruits from their basket, or by mistake eating most of them on the way home, or if it does make it home, we usually put it up high, nice and safe for when we are ready to make it. And then we smell it before we remember it and all the fruit made rather alcoholic jam of itself in the basket and not idea. Or a couple of times, we have made it as far as setting all the different bowls out on the table for de-pitting the loquats. But that is so so much work for so little fruit and once again, it us often easier just to eat then and then than to wait until ready to make jam. So there you have it - we are so far incapable of following through and making the amazing jam that we all so pine for. Weird I know, but true. But luckily, we love the journey as much, if not more, than the destination, so I imagine we have many more loquat seasons ahead of dropping and munching and forgetting before that jam gets made, but when it does, will we ever appreciate it.

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