Friday, December 25, 2009

On Christmas Morn...

I barely slept a wink at all last night as I was so excited for the kids' reactions to all that awaited them on Christmas Day. I heard Oslo awaken at about 6ish and by 6:30, he hadn't been able to go back to sleep and simply couldn't wait for Indigo any longer so he and I finally came into the living room to see if Santa had come during the night. Oslo was in awe that not only had he come while we were all sleeping, but he had left massive, messy sooty boot prints all around the fire place and even brought his reindeer inside to feast on the carrots while he scoffed the ginger bread house that Oslo had made him, and devoured most the the candies left in the homemade sleighs. No wonder Santa is so plump thought Oslo!

We couldn't believe how massive Santa's boot prints were.

When Indigo finally stirred, Oslo couldn't wait to show his sister all she had missed. He pointed out the boot and hoof prints and the left over food and explained that even the reindeer had come down the chimney. She took all this evidence as totally normal and not at all out of the ordinary.

First Oslo gave her the pressie that had been to big to fit in the stocking.

Next he gave Indigo her stocking and then they both sat down to see what goodies lay within.

After they had played with their toys a little longer, we settled them into the daybed and put a movie on and I finally went to get some much needed sleep. I was delerious, but at least I had been able to enjoy their infectious happiness and remember my own amazing memories while hopefully making some special ones for these two as well. Merry Christmas everyone. xoxo


  1. love it! love the santa creative and fun...also love all your wedding photos...would love to use you when I eventually reach that point in my life...

  2. what a magical christmas for you all.

  3. aww how amazing. Their imagination must have been running wild with everything you did!

  4. What a special morning you've captured. You have a beautiful family! XX Ryall & Nilesh

  5. Is that a Shelly Hamill mosaic manequin that I could see in the background? 'She' looks like she's found a good home.


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