Monday, December 7, 2009

2010 Workshops and Mentoring Sessions

In 2010, I will be offering a series of workshops and mentoring sessions for photography enthusiasts. Learn composition, natural lighting techniques, and everything in between - there is something for everyone in these three fabulous workshop options.

The Big Enchilada
A full day workshop full of fabulousness for SLR lovers who want to take their knowledge of their craft and their gear to the next level. Full day session is complete with practice indoor, garden and urban shooting sessions. Techniques on how to use your camera on manual (ah the freedom!), depth of field (wow how crispy those photos look!), the best lenses for portrait shooting, and digital darkroom tips will all be covered, plus the usual composition and lighting secrets, and lots of time for questions.

The Snappy Happy
There will be a mini half day workshop for point and shooters who do not have a camera with interchangeable lenses (SLR) teaching mainly how to find the ideal natural lighting situations in a location as well as how to best compose an image so that your settings work well for you.

The One 2 One
I will also be offering a small number of individual full-day mentoring sessions throughout the year. These sessions will include all that is in the full day workshop, plus your own personal photo shoot where you are the subject, as well as a several location shoots with the type of model of your choice (be it your kids, someone else's, or grown ups who are mildly better at following instructions, but only just!).

Please contact me for more details, dates and workshop gift certificates (just in time for the holidays!) and make 2010 the year you capture amazing photos of your life all year round, rather than just for the once-a-year family shoot with me!

Hope to see you then.



  1. Oh bummer...we just moved back to Canada this summer. I'd love to take your full day SLR course. When is it? Cost? Maybe I can make it back for a visit then.
    email me at with details.

  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog and am definitely interested in the Snappy Happy Half day workshop. When will that be? And how much? Love photography and love your photos! My email is




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