Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby Logan

Tell me newborns are not the most extraordinary example of the wonders of nature. They are all bunched up in a ball in Mama Bear's tummy for 9 months, and then out they pop (in just 2 hours in Logan's case!) and can breathe and eat and sleep (and cry) in such expert fashion, as if they spent those 9 months in training. And all the while, they are so perfectly formed - it is just unbelievable to me and it never ceases to amaze me, nor do my broody "I want more" feelings seem to go away.

You may has seen Nick and Luzianne's maternity session, which we did a few weeks prior to Logan's arrival. We did that shoot at my home studio so for the newborn session, I went to the family's home to capture their first days all together.

Nick was able to dig up this groovy clown which I loved positioning in the same poses as Logan. Such fun. And he pulled out this rare antique silver punch bowl just before it was shipped off to Southeby's to be auctioned off. I went insane over the way Logan looked sleeping in this bowl. I cannot believe how utterly adorable he is and in such a cool vessel - my favourite.

And knowing this pair as I do, we had to throw in some humour. Having not thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancies, and definitely not birth, I would have adored it if I had just walked outside one day and discovered each of my children sweetly sleeping in a bowl on the doorstep.

That smile is to die for...

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