Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lem Family

Elliot and Sangita moved to Bermuda from New York City when Meghan was only 3 months old. The slow pace of island life was a welcome change after the busyness of city life, coupled with a difficult pregnancy and birth so the new family settled in easily. They have loved the space that their home and the island's lifestyle offers Meghan to run, learn and grow.

It is hard to believe that this spirited chatty 3 year old was 10 weeks premature and weighed in at only 3lbs at birth. Now she runs and jumps and talks circles around everyone she knows and has a boundless source of energy.

The Lems have adored living in Bermuda immensely, but one of the reasons for their shoot was to capture some precious moments on the beach before moving to Hong Kong next summer. While the family are very excited about this next phase in their lives, they wanted to remember this dear time in Meghan's early life. Of course, the plan is to return frequently to visit friends so that Meghan will always remember her first real home, but the pictures will do well to tide them over until then.

Sangita considers herself incredibly fortunate to have had these years at home as a full time mum. She has loved every stage of Meghan's growth, and finds the challenge of raising such an independently minded child as Meghan especially fun. Yet as much as she adores taking her daughter to new places and teaching her new things, Sangita's favourite time spent with Megan is when she is cuddling up and kissing her baby.

Elliot has loved these last few years working in Bermuda for his working hours have allowed him to be around to see his daughter grow and he is a full on hands on dad which is so clearly seen in the way Meghan interacts with her dad - too cute.

I emailed Sangita all my tips for a successful shoot while she was away in NY. In the email, I did mention some ideas for what to wear so I was thrilled to pieces to see she had taken my advice. She even bought this darling dress for Meghan that was simply made to be twirled in. Divine. Made me wish Indigo wasn't the same age as Meghan, but rather a year or two younger, so that we could be on their hand me down list!

Apparently, after our shoot, Meghan's newest favourite game became pretending that she was "Miss Sacha". She was enchanted with my multiple cameras and spent many hours directing Sangita and Elliot on how to turn their heads this way and that. I was a bit mortified upon hearing this, not even realising that I do say that sort of thing - it made me wonder if I am actually dreadfully bossy on these shoots. And here I thought I was just capturing real life as it unfolded, but now that she mentions it, I suppose I do give a weensy bit of guidance now and then! Like saying spin when a dress is too fabulous to be true!!!

Meghan is a real beach bum and is at her happiest jumping in the water, playing in the4 sand, or exploring the rocks.

I know some people can't bear the sargasso seaweed when it covers the beaches, but I have to admit, I think it is so vibrant and I adore the mood it adds to an image. Not to mention, if you rinse off the salt, it is the best fertiliser on the planet so harvest it if you have a garden!!!


  1. Okay...this post made me want to have babies!!! That little girl is precious! The one of her nose-to-nose with her Daddy, melted my heart! Beautiful and full of love...as always Sascha!
    xo Christine

  2. my sister is sangita (the woman and hot momma in all the pics!) and so she shared these pics with me. now, i have always thought these three were beautiful but i must say, you are the first photograper who does their beauty justice! these are truly amazing pictures, capturing their personalities along with bermuda's breathtaking beachscape. simply put, you rock, sasha!


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