Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bermuda Wedding - Tucker's Point: Tonia & Daniel

Tonia and Daniel were born to be together, or at least it seems it to me having spent so much time with them on their wedding day. Tonia first met Daniel in 2004 as a patient at his physiotherapy practice. The two did not cross paths again until Tonia was about to move to London for work. One of her bride's maids, Kelly, dragged Tonia out of the house to the Rugby Classic. As Tonia was about to leave, she bumped into Daniel at the infamous party tent. Before Daniel even spoke a word, Tonia felt a powerful inner voice (she promises she wasn't even sipping cocktails!) that said this was the man she was going to marry. I love hearing stories like these. I had a similar feeling in the first moments my husband started speaking and it is a strange, almost outer body experience that stays with you and I believe keeps the bond growing ever stronger. And it will be like this for Tonia and Daniel who are just so well suited that it makes the world seem like it has all been laid out for us from the start.

Tonia's dress was found in David's Bridal and borrowed her sister's veil.

Please forgive the gratuitous amounts of images of these two little darlings. I was beyond smitten with both of Tonia's nieces and there are times you will wonder whose wedding I thought I was shooting. So sorry, but when you have flower girls this cute in your bridal party, what can you expect? The show is certain to be stolen!

Hair was styled by Rebecca from Bang Bang, and the bride's make up was done by Mary from Mac.

Since the wedding was in the fall, and Tonia adores autumnal colours, she chose burnt orange, ambers, reds and citrine for their wedding day palate. Tonia said she was a red head like her sweet niece when she was a child and has always loved the fall colour spectrum. She worked with Alison from East End Florist and they picked out arrangements from images they had found online. Her brother in law is a graphic designer so he produced the beautiful wedding programme and invitations.

More unnecessary numbers of cute kid images... sorry.

Tonia's brother-in-law sang a beautiful rendition of "My Cherie Amour" by Stevie Wonder while the newlyweds signed the registry.

Tonia has always thought St Marks was the most beautiful church in Bermuda so the opportunity to get married there could not be passed up. I adore shooting there and love all the details inside the church, and especially the angles and romance you can capture outside.

Tonia's sisters were so great with Tonia throughout the day but please know that it is their fault for creating such perfect daughters (one each) and that is why I cannot be blamed for taking so many photos of the flower girls.

Tonia felt blessed that her father was well enough to dance with her at the reception.

Both sets of parents were married in November which helped the couple choose November 7th as the day they wished to wed.

The groomsmen have all been friends since primary school days and 4 of them are partners in business together. The best man later gave an amazing and heartfelt speech that rocked the reception into hysterical laughter and a few tears too.

Tonia was blessed to be surrounded by her sisters and close friends in her bridal party, including one maid who flew over from Switzerland to be a part of the wedding.

This one above is one of my faves of the day.

The setting at Tucker's Point Hotel is so incredibly glamourous with countless nooks for romance. I was like a child in a sweet shop with all the different locations to shoot that I had to control myself from preventing the love birds from ever joining their reception, though they were such snuggle muffins, that I am sure they didn't mind the moments alone together or even notice the time passing.

Daniel asked Tonia to be his wife at the Newstead Hotel on his birthday, which happened to be 13th February. He felt this was a little more original and unexpected than the traditional Valentine's Day proposal.

After hours of research, Daniel finally settled on the perfect Hearts on Fire diamond from Astwood Dickenson for his wife to be. Although Tonia had no input on the engagement ring, the style is exactly what she would have chosen for herself and she was thrilled. Their wedding bands were from Swiss Timing.

Tucker's Point out did themselves. The couple were utterly thrilled with all the hard work put in by both Leigh Ann Palfrey, who is the wedding coordinator at the resort, and Serge Botelli, who is the head chef, and made the magnificent cake.

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