Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Johnson Family

The Johnsons were just the model family. From the moment they stepped from the car, I loved what Jo was wearing, and those dimples that Des has that he sweetly passed on to darling little Alex were heart stoppers - gotta love DNA doing its thing so beautifully. The light was soft and hazy, and the family relaxed and snuggly - I was in heaven.

Ok, I know I sometimes get carried away, but I really couldn't decide which image to not include of the ones below so it was easier and less time consuming to just post all of them - sorry.

Oh those dimples!

Loved that Jo brought a bag full of props from bears to bandanas, and decked out Alex in shirtless in a necklace for a few shots, and then changed him into the sleevless number for another - too cute and tells such a story.

Can't have a beach shoot without a nudie baby at the end.

This watch will be handed down from Des to Alex one day so we thought it would be fun to show how big it was on him once - I love perspective images.

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