Monday, December 14, 2009

Breithaupt Family

Emma and Marc moved to Bermuda six years ago and have adored raising a beach bum babe. Yet despite going to the beach all the time, sweet Ruth still doesn't like to get sand or dirt on her hands!! But luckily she didn't mind the water on her toes, which allowed me to get these amazing amazing reflection shots. I thought I was going to die with excitement - it was just so perfect. Usually, I can't get this sort of reflection here and I am always envious of those California shoots on the black sanded beaches where the reflections are so graphic. But on this day, for some reason, the stars were aligned perfectly, or at least the grains of sands were, and it was a photographer's dream.

We started the shoot on the road next to these glorious bougainvillea hedges - they are so vibrant and make for the best backdrops. And 19 month old Ruth adored playing with the paper like flowers.

Ruth took six years to come into Emma and Marc's lives so the pair are loving every moment with their long awaited love. They tell me that she is not the easiest of children, but that is what makes her that much more entertaining. I always think that myself of my own kids. They are so challenging now, but I do believe that if we can mold them well, then all that handfulness now that drives us to near insanity will hopefully channel in positive ways into the most amazing adult. So the fact that Ruth is full of character can only be a good thing and she will certainly morph into quite the grown up, full of life and passion.

Ruth was the first child who actually was so suspicious of me upon first meeting that she cried. I was crushed - surely I am not that scary looking, though I think I did wear pajamas to their shoot that day so perhaps she was just shocked into tears by my inappropriate dress sense!

She was definitely slow to warm up but slowly went from skepticism to fascination, and although she never totally trusted me, I did amuse her at times.

Sorry about the overload on refection shots, but I really did think it was just so beautiful.

Emma wrote to me and said she hoped that I captured some "thumb sucking while grabbing her ear" pics because that is SO Ruth. I loved that she wanted those moments frozen as I remember Indigo doing the same and now she no longer does. I did not imagine she would ever grow out of the habit, but she did and now I am gutted that I never took photos. I think I would try to get her to take her hand off her ear back then, not realising it would not last forever, and how I wish I had a photo now. So I was so thrilled at the end of the shoot when Ruth grew more tired and had a snuggle with her parents and did her little comforting thing.

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