Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lacey Family

The original location for the Lacey's shoot was Warwick Long Bay, but since Max is only 7 months, I suggested that a garden or home setting may work better to avoid the inevitable face plant into the sand that babies tend to make. Even if Baby Max had avoided that, the likelihood of his refusing to sit on it, or worse, wanting to eat the sand, makes a beach not the best setting for a photo session. I was thrilled when Lisa and Stuart asked their aunt and uncle if they could use their adorable garden for the shoot. This house was built by them to specifically feature and highlight a number of typical Bermudian architectural aspects - all of which are ideal backdrops in photos. There are multiple little getaway spots outside to enjoy the garden and every nook feels like a secret discovery. I was in heaven.

Ethan, who is four and a half, has recently started showing a lot of interest in Max. He is gentle and appears quite appreciative of his little brother. He pats him on the head, kisses him and will sing to Max when he cries to help calm the baby down.

Max cannot take his eyes of his hero big brother and tracks Ethan's movements around a room and will break any other thought when he hears Ethan's voice. Max is apparently rather serious and very inquisitive in terms of staring at people, as I discovered on the shoot.

I fell in love with this bench...

.. and the boys sitting on it.

Stuart took to bribing Ethan with Skittles early on in the shoot. I freaked out a bit (internally!) as my kids react to sugar in such an extreme way - they always promise me no sugar craziness, but the reality is quite the opposite. Ethan turned out to be quite the pro when it came to handling his sugar high and just was in a great mood for the rest of the morning.

Stuart was thrilled to get out from behind his own camera as each year, he takes hundreds of family shots, and therefore is rarely in any of them. He is Crazy Daddy to the boys, always entertaining, showering them with hugs and making giggles the norm.

Lisa is a calming force with the children and as Stuart puts it, provides a lots of sense and sensibility to the whole process.

I really had to work on Max, but when that glee finally bubbled up, it showed itself in a full body jiggle and a full facial wrinkle - what a love muffin!

Stuart and Lisa have been married 8 years and feel they are the luckiest couple and parents alive - I love meeting people who feel this to be true. It is such a gift and the best when one is appreciative and aware of our fortune.

Thank you all for a great shoot full of fun, love and dreamy surroundings. xx

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