Thursday, December 24, 2009

Memories of Christmas Then and Now

I am loving remembering my own excitement at the thought of Santa coming, of decorating our tree, of licking the beaters of batter. And Christmas Eve dinner with close family friends, playing Oomah and dads in burgundy velvet jackets, and we children sneaking brandy butter on its own, without the nasty Christmas pudding (though love it now !), staring at the fire and playing with candle wax. These last few days, I have been thinking back to the times as a child, of finding our stockings so early on Christmas morning (now I see it was a clever ploy to allow my parents to sleep in while we entertained ourselves with our new toys and treats to eat), of hot chocolate and apple strudel while opening presents, and nibbling on mince pies and chocolates. These are my Christmas memories.

So many holiday moments we are trying to repeat for our children, and then hoping to create some new and different ones too - mixing Ben and my memories together to make yet more for our children. So far, hopefully some of these experiences will lodge themselves deep in the memories of Oslo and Indigo: driving around at night to spot the best Christmas lit houses, making home made presents for Daddy, wading waist deep in glitter (or at least it feels like it at the moment!), decorating our own tree (small as it is) and playing board games and Oslo's made up games, baking treats and more licking of spoons and bowls, roasting marshmallows on the fire and watching the flames, lots of tape for wrapping, staying up late on Christmas Eve running around in the dark with close friends, whispers of how Santa will get here, where his reindeer will stand (on the roof or outside?), what Santa would like for Christmas and does he like gingerbread, what colours are real true Christmas colours, candy canes and more candy canes, Advent calendars, singing carols and playing with the decorations, leaving Santa and the reindeer treats, and so so much more.

I do wonder what of all these moments they will carry with them into adulthood. I am so over the moon when I think about their excitement tomorrow morning and am plotting how I can make hoof marks and boot prints out of soot and if that will seem possible that Santa and all the reindeer were wandering around the house, or should the reindeer prints be outside, and just Santa's sooty prints about the fire place. Can't wait to see their faces when they see the half eaten gingerbread, and mostly nibbled carrots. And of course their stockings full. I plan on going to bed early so that I can wake up with them rather than miss it all, even though the desire to sleep tomorrow morning may be stronger than I think today.

So tomorrow will be about family and friends and feasting, and giving and receiving and appreciating, of of course lots of loving and merry memory making.

To all my blog readers, family and friends, I wish you the most wonderful holiday season, full of health, fortune and gratitude. Thank you for an amazing year.


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