Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of Big School

The tears were flowing - so much so that no words were coming out. But they weren't Oslo's tears, they were mine. The moment he stood at the top of the hall stairs, proudly looking down the corridor at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, I felt my heart break just a little - actually rather a lot. I should be happy that he loved how smart he looked in his uniform, and how excited he was about this new stage in his life. But to me, all it meant was goodbye to the last stage, and I loved that time and all the memories. Of course I know I will love this bit just as much, if not even more, and make more amazing memories, but it is a hard thing to swallow seeing him, not even 5 years old, yet so ready to be a big boy.

We just arrived home from France on Monday night. The kids had one day to recuperate, but as Oslo started chatting happily again this morning just before 4am, I realised it was going to take them longer than a day to get over their jet lag.

So yesterday I received an email from his new school saying that hair must be worn short - as in ears showing and above the collar. My mum had cut it finally to make the short bits from his hack job in April look even, but it had already grown out beautifully and as I looked at him still in full surfer-dude-mode, I knew that his do would not cut it, so sadly, cut it is what I had to do.

So I cut it I did - very badly - not something I have ever really paid attention as to how to do. He looked like a little wolverine all covered in snippets of hair.I tried to make sure most of his ears showed, and that it would be above his collar, though I was not sure where that would sit, as Ben had not yet come home with new shirt, shorts, socks or shoes (which ended up being a size too big - getting another pair asap but he is big foot today - hope he won't trip!!). Here are some before and after shots

I have to say, I am a big fan of uniforms. They allow children to focus on what matters and not get swept up in meaningless things like brand name or cost. But I am finding the hair guidelines harder to understand. Hair is such an extension of personality and when in uniform, the only way to express oneself externally. Being a visual person, I naturally repel the monotonous so love the idea of all the little ones coming in dressed identically, but then their hair showing a little splash of theit nature, like the splash of colour from a red silk lining on the inside of a traditional navy suit, or perhaps a pair of wacky socks under boring trousers.

Was a bit gutted Ben had to go to work early and miss this momentous occasion but thank goodness for blogging and he can relive it now! We arrived early as we were not sure how long the drive from Somerset would take. Oslo met his friend, Trent, from nursery and the two went in together, rather loudly knocking on poor Ms Perry's door.

They found their names on one table shared by another friend, Dylan, so the three will be quite confident I am sure. I was almost relying on Oslo's nervousness to make him appear like the quiet type for a day or two, but with his partners in crime, I am sure his teacher will know all about his mischievous ways by the end of the day.

I am just watching the clock and keep wondering what he must be doing while I am sure he is not even thinking about home at all. So perhaps I should get back to my pile of editing for all the lovely sessions I shot before the move and holiday, and just trust he is enjoying this new stage and maybe, if I stop worrying, I may find I enjoy it too.


  1. OHhhhh, baby is growing up!!!! He does look incredibly cute with his haircut though. Good job. And the uniform makes him look so grown up! Courage mommy dear, you still have Indigo at home.

  2. I can understand completely how you were feeling about this milestone. Last week was the first night Chloe slept away from me in 19 months. I had tears in my eyes as my sister drove away with her to spend the night with her cousins. You captured Oslo's big day and the emotion so beautifully on film!

  3. Weepy all over again! Such beautiful words to go with your beautiful pictures. I love his haircut and still think it captures who he is. Let's plan some park dates when things cool off a bit...

  4. I feel your pain... Ben started nursery this week and looking at the 'big kids' I realize how quickly he will grow. Oslo looks so handsome and proud in his uniform. I'm sure he must have had lots of stories from his first day for you!

  5. I love your blog Sacha.
    Oslo's haircut suits him...I actually really like it.
    Thanks for the post.
    Mel and David


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