Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beyond the borders

Of internet connection that is.

We are on holiday in France visiting Ben's parents and it really brings new meaning to boonies. We have to drive 40 minutes to the closest village which has a super market with simple things like cheese and wine, and about 2 hours for a proper city that actually sells clothing or anything else. And I have abandonned my dream of finding a cute little French bikini for INdigo - I think Paris will be the closest option! But is is dreamy for the kids running around iwth their cousins blackberry picking, wading in the river and building forts of fallen leaves. They are in heaven also not having to save water and filling the bath to the brim. So I am so sorry for the lack of blog posts. I would even love to attach a photo, but firstly, I didn't bring any of my SLR cameras on holiday with me for the first time ever, in an effort to make real memories rather than being so obsessed with capturing them that I forget to really live them. And the internet connection at this computer is so agonisingly slow that it would be impossible to load a photo anyway. I had even loaded some blog images on a drive and brought them with me in the hopes of posting while I was here,but now I realise that was a pipe dream! So forgive my lack of blog posts and I will be back to reality and Bermuda in early September!

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