Friday, September 18, 2009

McLeod Family

The McLeods have been in Bermuda six years and are loving the Island. Both children were born here and Desi and Iain wanted to capture some memories at their fabulous home. Maddie was just the smiliest little girl I have ever seen, while James was a bit slower to warm up. I actually love this photo with him looking so serious as his mum said it really captured his personality.

Harry the lab is a huge part of the family and very well loved!

Isn't Maddie just amazing looking - such hair and such eyes.

I loved the old Bermuda details on the house.

And I went a bit nuts over this window. It was taken from an old hotel that was being demolished and was installed at the front of the house over looking the gardens and sea. The reflections were amazing, though tricky to keep myself out of the photo too.

The Desi reminds me of these Swedish shampoo adverts I saw in the UK when I was growing up. Timotei adverts always featured the most angelic flaxen haired beauties. Don't you think she would have been perfectly cast in the follow on advert from either this one or this one?

Talk about an idyllic spot - the house has glorious gardens, not to mention an east and a west facing dock, as well as this cute little beach - pure Heaven.

My favourite shots of the day often happen in the last few minutes of the shoot - when we think we have everything we need in the bag, so we can finally just play.

You have to click on this triptych to see the full charm of James' different expressions as he tucks into his tasty apple.

Another couple favourites - could Harry be any more desperate for Maddie to simply throw that ball?


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