Friday, September 11, 2009

Moss Family

The Moss family decided they wanted to capture this special time in the children's lives in a location that had meaning to them. They love Fort Scaur and go there to enjoy the spectacular view and let the kids frolic freely through the gardens and forts. I love shooting there as it feels like so many different places in one session and each time I discover something different, depending on the time of year. This time, I went mad for these blooming fennel plants and the boys had such fun picking and smelling the flowers too.

I love this series of family shots - this first one is a classic framer, probably taken while my jokes were still fresh and keeping the boys interested.

And then Patrick totally loses interest in witty me, as his musing expression reveals. He becomes a little comedian showing me how to really make his parents laugh. Meanwhile, his little brother, Bobby, ponders the meaning of life, or perhaps just the feeling of pinching his chin while making fish lips!

I love Rosie's scrunched up eyes from the hilarity of it all, and Henry is looking like he might burst too.

Patrick's little half moon eyes light up his whole face when he smiles.

My favourite shot of the day.

Here, the family are looking out towards the lighthouse, trying to see if they can spot their house in the landscape.

Thank you all for such a fun shoot at one of my favourite spots.

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