Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oslo's April Fool's Day

This is my little boy, Oslo. He is 4 and is such a little surfer dude - well not literally, but his hair always makes everyone think he is.

Oslo's favourite thing to do is cut. He loves cutting in the garden and sometimes he cuts plants I rather like, but they grow back so I try not to get upset. Last week, he tried to cut my lovely office chair, so I confiscated the scissors for one week. Today was the first day he was allowed to use scissors again.

The reason everyone thinks Oslo is a surfer dude, is because his hair is naturally streaked blond on top of quite dark underneath, and it is always really long. At least it was until this morning. As soon as he got his hands on the scissors, he ran outside and cut a handful of hair off - right in front!

He was happy until he saw himself in the mirror - then he cried and begged me to glue it on. I told him I couldn't so he cried for me to tape it. I told him it would grow, just like my poor little plants that he snipped off a little too short.

So I would like a little advice on what I should do. Should I just leave it to grow, or should we get him a buzz cut so he looks sporty rather than surfy? Please leave a comment in the box below!


  1. Coooooooooool. RMB

  2. I think you should give him the scissors again and let him do the rest.

  3. Reminds me of the time Constantine decided to cut Emma's hair! That was just groovy, hair everywhere and quite a messy head but then the curls hid most of the damage.... I say cut it a little shorter to make it even. No buzz cut and no leaving it as is. But then I'm a control freak.
    Thinking of you.

  4. What an adorable problem! I would let him cut off all his hair triumphantly as a 'swan song' to that whole idea and then give him a buzz cut. He'll enjoy seeing it grow everyday. xo, Jennie

  5. Brittan did this and much as I "hate" a buzz cut (on my babies !) we had no option, it was to the skin on top in front, in sort of a reverse mohican - not attractive, I think he realizes (now) it wasn't such a good idea. It did grow back - but prepare yourself - it takes a while ! I don't think you'll have to go as short with Oslo - he seems to have left you a little to play with. You know he'll look adorable whatever you do - just different adorable ! Kim x

  6. i think it looks kinda cool. very individual! but i guess i would cut it short. hey you might like it!

  7. Yikes! The tear is priceless! I showed these to my daughter and threatened her with a buzz cut if she ever did it! LOL
    I just took a peek at some of your shoots - soooo fantastic! I saw Veronica's the other day at her house - beautiful!
    I've got to get you to do my little girly one day!
    hope you're well!
    Annie Bananie (Bacon)

  8. Wow my gorgeous Godson still sooo handsome and cool even if he is having a bad hair day! Give him a big kiss from his Godmummy. XOXOX. Sarah. PS> I'd buzz it.. he'll still look beautiful.

  9. He's a gorgeous child. The hair will grow back before you know it. Some lessons are learned the hard way... Pool Oslo. Jenn Berelowitz

  10. do you think he could do mine?? .......And, possibly, the duck's??

  11. He looks gorgeous; even with the cut bits. Let it be!
    xKatie Berry

  12. Don't do a buzz cut - get it cut scruffy all over like my Jamie ... still the surf dude look :) Lizzie


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