Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bermuda Wedding - Stonehole Bay & Elbow Beach: Chris & Amy

Amy and Chris traveled to Bermuda on their first holiday together. They fell in love with the Island and with each other on that trip. The pair traveled back to Bermuda after their engagement to plan the wedding. They met with the amazing Kay Annie of Kreative Koncepts and started visiting different beaches and resorts to select the perfect location for their nuptials. They came to my home to discuss the event plans so naturally, our cats introduced themselves by wrapping their tails around the couples legs and leaped upon their laps. I was worried one of them might be allergic but apparently it was quite the opposite. They turned out to be as cat mad as I am and also have a pup with whom they are also smitten. As Amy put it, "saying that we love our pets is definitely an understatement. We LOVE our pets and most people learn that within the first couple minutes of meeting us." So of course we bonded about our animal obsessions and we were all very excited about how pets enrich our lives, and of course, about the wedding too.

Unlike most brides, Amy didn't even know who designed her dress which I adored, but she did recall that she found her dreamy gown at the famous Kleinfeld's in New York City. Her shoes were by Ralph Lauren.

Flowers were done by the ever amazing Julie at Just Roses.

While getting ready, Amy had three sets of earrings to choose from and she tried on each pair to ask for everyone's opinion. She even asked me which pair I preferred, but I never like to divulge my feelings as I dare not project myself onto brides, nor can I know her the way family and close friends do. So Amy's bridesmaids picked and I thought they made the best choice, both in terms of the prettiest ones, but also, the pair they liked best belonged to Amy's mother so I liked the sentimental aspect as well.

Hair was styled at Willow Stream Spa. Makeup was done by Parfait Cosmetics.

Both Amy's mother and father walked her down the aisle which I always love - it is so egalitarian and I wish I had done this at my own wedding. I will admit, I was a bit terrified shooting this wedding as Amy's father, Joseph Budzelek, is a well established and very experienced photographer so my nerves were definitely shaking, but he snapped away when he was not enjoying himself and took the pair off at sunset while I photographed the details inside so that must have been a wonderful gift for Amy, not to mention, she probably received those pics a bit quicker than mine!

When searching for their ceremony location, the moment Amy stepped onto Stonehole Bay, she knew this was the perfect spot. Chris really liked it as well, but Amy has a feeling that Chris especially liked it when he saw his fiancee near tears, her smile and the look on her face.

When I asked Amy if there was anything special about the wedding, or about the two of them, Amy responded so sweetly that I have to quote her: "Honestly, our wedding day and week was the best day and week of our lives. It was incredible. One thing I can say about the ceremony was that I was emotionally taken back by the way Chris intently looked into my eyes. I have never seen Chris so emotionally intense and powerful as he was during the vows. Chris is usually a guy who jokes a lot and is always making people laugh. This is one of the traits I love most about him, but during the ceremony his energy was redirected. I can't think of the proper adjectives to describe what I experienced, but all I can say is that my most memorable moment of the event was the way he looked into my eyes. It blew me away."

I adore how Chris buries himself into her amazing hair - like he needs to breathe her in to really make it real. So so romantic.

I never suggest jumping as it is either something you want or not, but I have to say, I do enjoy shooting big wedding parties jumping. I make them jump a ton to times to get it just right, and kudos to these troopers who had as much energy in the last jump as they did in the first - and this during high summer heat!!

More breathing in his bride - adorable .

Amy looks exquisite in this dress - it is perfect for her beach wedding and she is the epitome of dreamy yet elegant.

I went a little nuts over the chiffon overlay on her dress catching the breeze. I love how you see the classic line of her dress underneath through the translucent fabric dancing in the breeze. Just beautiful.

The cocktail reception was held at the Marina Terrace at Elbow Beach.

Dinner was enjoyed under the stars in the open roofed Gazebo at Sea Breeze restaurant and Cafe Lido made the adorable cake.

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