Thursday, September 3, 2009

Berry Family

I met Katie on Fiona Dill's amazing parenting course last winter where we heard all about each others' little ones. It was great to finally meet her girls properly, plus her lovely hubby James. We obviously have more in common than just a desire to be the best mummies we can be, for her eldest is called Amelia, which is Indigo's official first name, and her youngest is Josephine, which was on our list of names too.

I usually request clients steer away from all white as you can lose detail in the fabric when exposing for the skin tones, but I have to say, it does create such a dreamy image that I somethings think it is worth it! And how divine are these parasols which Ryall and Nilesh sweetly let me take home from their wedding?

These divinely moss covered steps lead down to the bottom of a huge chimney. It is an old lime kiln which was used by early Bermuda settlers. They used to layer wood, then coal and then a layer of limestone, The heat converts the limestone to a powdery substance called quick lime which they used on rooftops. Now it is the perfect hideaway and the children were mesmerised by the idea that perhaps it was a secret tower for a captured fairy princess.

My favourite shot of the day I think.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL & FUN! Glad you were able to use our parasols to add a pop of color! Brilliant.


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