Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sara & Chris Wedding

Sara and Chris were brought together by a mutual friend who cleverly played Cupid. They were engaged last October on Charles Island in Castle Harbour. It was incredibly romantic and perfectly planned. Chris had hired a boat and prepared a delicious picnic of Champagne and smoked salmon. He went down on one knee with the ring and asked Sara to marry him, having gained permission from her father that August.

How relaxed and sexy does Chris look here? When I saw him sitting there waiting, I thought to myself that this is a man who knows he has made the best decision of his life. The Panerai watch was Chris' dream time piece and was thoughtfully given by Sara as an engagement gift.

Chris and his groomsmen wore navy linen suits from Blazer in London, with Thomas Pink shirts and cufflinks.

Sara's engagement ring of platinum with a central diamond and sapphire baguettes was designed by Chris and he had it made at Swiss Timing, along with the wedding bands.

Sara and her wedding party went to Willowstream for their hair and make up.

Sara's dress was designed by Judd Waddell and she found it at Kleinfeld's in New York. The dress was the third one that she tried on and when Sara's father burst into tears, she knew that she had found the one.

All those buttons. Real buttons with real loops. Most dresses these days just only have those sweet buttons for aesthetic detailing with a zip hidden behind and therefore no work involved. But this dress was the real enchilada. It had dozens of teeny tiny slippery little thready loops that needed to be hooked over each beautiful button! I'm surprised the dress shop didn't try to sell them a special tool to slip through the loops and pull over the buttons - would have saved the aching finger tips of Sara's poor maids.

Ahhh... worth the wait.

Flowers by Marguerite at Petals.

I adore adore adore these next two images.

Sara wanted the girls to have something that represented Bermuda and since the hibiscus flower is one of her favourites, she gave each of her three attendants a silver pendant from A.S. Coopers. Their dresses were custom made at The Bridal Atelier in New York.

The flower girls were just adorable. Little Darcey is Chris' niece and Hannah is Sara's God daughter.

I was just thrilled with these fabulous parasols, which Sara had found in China Town on a trip to New York. They were made of lovely crispy paper and the boat, found at a house sale by their close friend, was such a delightful detail as guests walked onto Caso's Point on their way down to the ceremony site.

I do so adore my job. I love that I am able to zoom in on the expression of the groom when he sees his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle - it never ceases to make my heart go pitter patter.

Such a sweet look for her father.

Love that Chris forgot to take his sunglasses off at first. So James Bond, which was perfect considering the theme for their reception was Bond - each table was named after a film and they had the original posters made small for the table name cards.

Fellow Warwick Academy teacher, Shelly Grace read "The Art of a Good Marriage" which had everyone in stitches. Shelly was the Cupid responsible for bringing Chris and Sara together. She had often told Sara about what a good match she and Chris would make and how right she turned out to be.

Chris and Sara had a deliciously passionate kiss...

... so passionate that the Rev. Barry Dunsmore actually pried them apart - I have never seen that before and but it made for a memorable moment on all sides I am sure.

Chris' grandfather moved to Bermuda with his wife and three children in the 1950s to set up the surgical wing at the hospital. Chris' father started teaching at Saltus in 1967, and met Chris' mum shortly after.Chris was born in Bermuda yet moved away when he was only three, but since his grandparents still lived on the Island, he returned every summer to see them and all his cousins, uncles and aunts. He moved to Bermuda after university and never left. In 2005, Sara came to the Island to teach at Warwick Academy and the pair fell in love in 2007. Similar to his parents' love story, it was like history repeating itself the way Sara and Chris came together. Sadly, Chris' father was very ill and unable to make it to Bermuda for the wedding which was very difficult for the family, but they were able to speak with him on the phone several times throughout the event which bridged the gap somewhat - thank goodness for modern technology.

Sara's shoes were Jimmy Choos, and the "I Do" stickers were a gift from a friend.

Can you believe Sara's lashes in that shadow?

Sara's father gave a memorable speech and even produced a lovely letter written by Chris' parents saying the most heart breakingly beautiful things about Sara. The letter had been written shortly after they had first met her. The letter was so touching and Sara's father's words so spontaneous, funny and moving all rolled into one that I do hope the newlyweds will get a copy of both the letter and the speech to include in their wedding album.

The two love birds chose the date of 7.8.9, of which Sara loved the sound. They later discovered that it was a once in a lifetime event when the clock reads 123456789 (12:34:56,7.8.9) and, as Sara said, the day was most definitely a once in a lifetime event.

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